Our June newsletter.  As usual we are less about the words than the pictures.  June is the month of firebreaks and morning mists.  And of course bee-eaters!  So lets start with our bee-eater colony…  

June is also the month when we burn firebreaks around the lodge and the carpark.  Bo and the team are highly proficient at this vital task that (for obvious reasons) has to be done well and with care. 

And of course with the cold temperatures comes the morning mists.  Yes, we might be guilty of repetition (bee-eaters and mists!) but we make no apologies.  Both are just so beautiful.   

We also had our first proper full-blown international guests!  So we did dinner down at the rapids and I couldn’t resist documenting it for posterity. 

And then we had guests bring a mixed case of the amazing Wild  Dog beer for us to try with them.  They have just won a silver medal in the African beer cup with their “Shempa Ale” All of them are fantastic and highly recommended.