We start off August with a quick update on the Keela school.  The roof is now fully completed, and all the material for the floor casting and plastering is on site.  However, there was a mechanical issue with the borehole (which is now fixed), which meant that the concrete base jobs were on hold.  Now that the borehole is back up and running, we expect the job to resume.

Then we started updating our website.  Bits of it are very old and out of date.  Particularly the community/social responsibility and environmental pages.  As such, we have done all that and are waiting for our webmistress to go live with it.  A bit part of the changes reflects the fact that we have done a lot of solar installations since then for both lodge power and water supply.

Water supply installation – we can pump a LOT of water.

Main area/kitchen/office.  Unless we get consecutive cloudy days, we are completely solar.

We have also introduced “rocket stoves” for out-of-camp dining to minimise (eliminate) charcoal use.

Then we also started work on updating our campsite section.  The material was also out of date that last year we upgraded the two “rapids” campsites to a similar design language to that of the “chief’s campsite”.  And we hadn’t photographed it properly.  So we fixed that:

Then a few random additions.  A beautiful guestbook entry and some bush treasure art by a lovely British family:

Then we had our 11th (at least I think it is 11) yoga weekend.  Another great one.