September.  The month when a switch gets thrown and we plunge into searing heat!  As I write this we are (okay yes we are now in October!) seeing temperatures of 37 degrees.  It does seem that the whole country is facing a bit of a heat wave.  While out looking at yoga locations we came across these guys cooling off: 

It must be nice to be larger than a croc sized snack!!

The elephant action on the river just never ever gets old. 

Island life

We then hosted our 9th (I think) yoga retreat.  And it was a stormer.  

It was also our most attended event yet.

The always beautiful Chief’s Campsite

Restorative rapids yoga

We also had lots and lots of camp elephant activity.  This very early morning visitor made us all a bit nervous by being up close to our satellite dish.  We really have bad enough internet without the help of elephants! 

Do not touch the dish please…

Blocking the path to tents 5, 6 and the family house!

The wildlife highlight in our immediate vicinity though had to be a young leopard that we found sunning itself on Mantobo island – which is a large island near the lodge. 

Mantobo island is over 3km long and this is the second time we have seen leopards on it.

And then we received a pleasant surprise when family from Germany announced they had booked flights. So we had the pleasure of Julia’s mum and brother for a couple of weeks.  Its great to see Europeans starting to travel again.  We are by no means busy with international guests, but the numbers are steadily increasing.  Fingers crossed for next season. 

If elephants don’t get old neither does exploring the rocks.

The climb up “flat top” is not the easiest, but the views are stunning.

Oh and a quick obligatory shot of this month’s full moon.  The harvest moon.  So called becaue it used to help illuminate northern hemisphere farmers bring in the crops late into the night.  

And then a few random snaps from the month.  

Beautiful backlit baboon.

Peak hover. Pied kingfisher.

The beauty of the giant star Antares and its surroundings – Rho Ophiuchi.