November Newsletter

So we have talked at length before about November here:  So I will not repeat all the reasons why November is a great month.  This year it was even better than usual for a number of reasons.  The rains were particularly light this year, so activities, dining and roads were generally not affected too much.

We kicked off the month having just in time taken delivery of our second newly converted game viewing vehicle to be based in the Park.  Absolutely identical to it’s sister vehicle – same comfortable conversion and done to a very high standard.  This means that we can now offer even more flexibility and tailor safari experiences as individually as possible.




Another highlight in November is the rock pools that we take guests to.  Some of these pools are only reachable by boat, but the most ‘famous’ ones are created each year at the rapids just by the camp.  To reach them takes a degree of athleticism and determination but it is worth it. Imagine taking a natural jacuzzi next to this:

Kaley-10573 Kaley-10569

Sightings were brilliant, I won’t talk about them but just show you some of what was seen over the month.  I can mention however that a really special group had the amazing experience of two separate packs of Wild Dogs within a few kilometres of each other on an evening drive.  Amazingn:


Kaley-12043 Kaley-12015 Kaley-10562 Kaley-7443 Kaley-7438 Kaley-7436


Then we had some friends of Julia’s out as guests, so we did a trail run mobile safari to Liuwa, which was absolutely fantastic.   This is an option that we are thinking about offering during the quieter weeks of November.

Kaley-11342 Kaley-10900 Kaley-10866


All in all it was an absolutely fantastic month.


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