July 2021 Pictorial Newsletter

July 2021 Pictorial Newsletter

  So let’s get the topical one out the way first…  We got our second vaccines!    We drove out to meet the ministry of health team on the Itezhi Tezhi road, and while we were getting jabbed we mentioned that we had staff members coming...
Pictorial June 2021 Newsletter

Pictorial June 2021 Newsletter

Our June newsletter.  As usual we are less about the words than the pictures.  June is the month of firebreaks and morning mists.  And of course bee-eaters!  So lets start with our bee-eater colony…   June is also the month when we...
Pictorial News May 2021

Pictorial News May 2021

A bit of a less wordy month for once.  May is a beautiful month as the bush dries out and roads become accessible.  The temperatures drop and the crazy insect life of the green season starts to drop off accordingly.  With the cold temperatures comes...

A (very) Long Overdue Newsletter

Q: We haven’t seen a Kaingu newsletter for a long time.  Why? A: Well, the whole world has been on fire with bad news for well over a year now, so I kind of think it was a bit redundant to write monthly newsletters.  It was also very obvious that travel was off the...

November 2019 – Pictorial Newsletter

Kuumbi Mpati – the month when the clouds have finally formed and it starts seriously raining. I simply cannot believe that I am writing this at the beginning of December and our season is all but over.  It seems like only a few weeks ago that we were doing the...

October 2019 – Pictorial Monthly Update

“Kakumba Kanini”  Translated as “the time when the clouds start to form and sometimes even some rain”.  The Tonga words for what in English is known as October.  Very apt!    As you can see from the below image we have had a few showers –...
KaingU Safari Lodge Hippo

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