November.  Probably one of my favourite months in the bush here.  The temperatures drop with the onset of the rains.  Everything turns green almost overnight after the parched heat gives way to clouds and sun.  The skies are washed clear of the dust and smoke and everything takes on a new lease of life.  Plants are bursting with life and young impalas are bouncing all over the place.  This November there wasn’t a great deal of rain so in some ways even better than normal.





The sightings this month have been stunning.  Probably the best of the whole season.

I will let the pictures do the talking!


KaingU 19






Great sightings.  We had around 5 encounters with Wild Dogs (two separate packs).  A hippo carcass near the Shishamba loop provided great Vulture activity.  That is it. Just the anmials this month.  Quite fitting really.  Kaingu has always been a unique place, but the access improvements and new emphasis on activities in the park have really made the season!   New developments and plans for next year we will talk about at the year end.  Until then we would like to wish everyone all the best and we hope you all have a great festive season.