We are not going to say much about July.  We did a lot of photography updates (Anthony Grote who did our images last year was invited back).  I will just let them speak for themselves:

Kaingu2015-1 Kaingu2015-3 Kaingu2015-70




Kaingu2015-72 Kaingu2015-79 EOS10319 EOS10449 EOS10385 EOS10455 IMG_0778 Kaingu2015-39 Kaingu2015-67 Kaingu2015-97 Kaingu2015-109 DJI00074 Kaingu2015-142 Kaingu2015-149 Kaingu2015-181 Kaingu2015-180 Kaingu2015-196 Kaingu2015-195 Kaingu2015-244 Kaingu2015-169 Kaingu2015-242