Well August has been a great month for Kaingu.  In fact our most successful month ever! We had lots of guests and lots of game and lots more.

Summer is now on us and temperatures are rising – this time of year we start looking for croc-proof pools in the rocks to bathe in, although we must stress at the moment we are only looking but I bet by the end of September people are in the water!

The fishing has also been steadily improving, repeat guests came back for a family fishing weekend and really enjoyed!


Our chef Lizzie also became a bit of a facebook legend when a picture of her stuffing six hippos into the oven was seen by over 20,000 people.  Of course the hippos were actually made from bread and was part of a childrens programme!


Our canoeing partners at Mawimbi are busy building the new canoe camp, and a target date for the end of September has been set.  The camp is going to be really quite something special and we will keep updating as it goes.


One of the best moments of the month was when we got handed the keys for our new Game drive car and then brought it up from South Africa to the lodge.  This means that we are now doing comfortable game drives in the park (where the vehicle is stationed)!  This also means that Kaley can drive up to 9 people and believe me he has been getting great sightings recently – lion cubs on the ‘Shishamba’ loop have been fairly regular sights.


And speaking of lions we also had some nocturnal visitors in the camp.  Three lionesses silently slunk through the camp one night and we wouldn’t have had a clue they were there if we hadn’t checked the camera trap.



We also had a great sighting right on the Spinal Road (at the Luansanza Bridge) of a herd of 200+ Buffalo.



So all in all a great month.  September started off great too – with 1000 likes on facebook and a fantastic relaxed leopard when we all went for a staff game drive at Shishamba loop.



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