May Newsletter

May has been quite a month so far. We have cemented our guiding team with a young and enthusiastic junior Field Guide from the Lower Zambezi. Major is mad keen on fishing and is a natural boatman so fits in very well to the Kaingu team.



Lodge improvements and additions continue, we have built a fantastic jetty from solid Mukwa to replace the rather rickety solution that has traditionally been used here!



Our curio shop has been completed (well, except shadecloth in the windows), and Julia and Lynda have been stocking it up. Everything from Losi knives to pictures, to body and face creams and all sorts.


curio shelf  029

And then we have received our eagerly awaited new boat. It is a joy! Six spacious swivel seats for fishing or photography. We are now wondering what we did before we got it….   And we are contemplating another one!


The weather has certainly started to turn colder, misty mornings and campfires and hot water bottles are most certainly on the agenda now.


The cold weather has brought the crocs out! We do love these fresh crisp morning game drives.




The river is dropping really quickly so in between guests we have been quickly extending our jetty to match the water levels.


jetty 2  027



Towards the end of the month we were please to receive a Trip Advisor ‘Certificate of excellence’ for 2014!


And then something that is certainly not news in most parts of the world, but was BIG news here: we got a credit card terminal! This makes life a hell of a lot easier than trying to phone authorisations through over skype and scanning passports and cards and all that…

CC terminal   028

All in all a good month! Our occupancy compared to May 2013 has more than doubled.


Oh, and we received permission from ZAWA to construct a loop in thePark near the lodge.  The guys are busy there now and came face to face with a leopard on the first day of cutting road!  An encouraging start.  Gil, Bo and Mr Moonga (ZAWA scout) did more than 30kms of walking in two days looking at areas to put the loop.  Exciting stuff!




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